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                 BluSide Management

The aim of BluSide Management is to always achieve the highest possible goals for and with every player we represent. We believe the best results can be achieved when sharing and combining each others qualities.

The BluSide Management team consists of people with different competences, sharing one passion: passion for Football and passion for our Players.

Our key values are: Quality, Engagement and Transparancy

  • Rio Ave Stadium
    Rio Ave Stadium
  • David Endt & David, Amsterdam
    David Endt & David, Amsterdam
  • Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano
    Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano
  • Friends Arena, Stockholm
    Friends Arena, Stockholm
  • Manchester Airport
    Manchester Airport
  • W.Metropolitano, Madrid
    W.Metropolitano, Madrid
  • Fernando Torres, Fuenlabrada
    Fernando Torres, Fuenlabrada
  • Guimaraes 14/12/2019
    Guimaraes 14/12/2019
  • Hammarby v Dalkurd 23/7/2918
    Hammarby v Dalkurd 23/7/2918
  • Santiago Bernabéu
    Santiago Bernabéu
  • Tele 2 Arena, Stockholm
    Tele 2 Arena, Stockholm
  • Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid
    Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid
  • Santo Domingo, Alcorcon
    Santo Domingo, Alcorcon
  • AIK v Kalmar, Allsvenskan
    AIK v Kalmar, Allsvenskan
  • David & Alex, Leganes
    David & Alex, Leganes
  • Nueva Condomina, Murcia
    Nueva Condomina, Murcia
  • Getafe 27/6/2019
    Getafe 27/6/2019
  • Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
    Estadio Santiago Bernabeu
  • Maxi & David, Madrid
    Maxi & David, Madrid
  • Alcorcon v Sevilla At. Segunda division
    Alcorcon v Sevilla At. Segunda division
  • Djurgårdens training
    Djurgårdens training
  • Uefa Champions League
    Uefa Champions League
  • Marco, David & Maxi, Torino FC
    Marco, David & Maxi, Torino FC
  • Sp.Braga training ground
    Sp.Braga training ground
  • Huddersfield
  • Anfield
  • Lavanttal Arena
    Lavanttal Arena
  • Ajax training ground
    Ajax training ground
  • Tele 2 Arena, Hammarby!
    Tele 2 Arena, Hammarby!
  • Dante 8/2/2020
    Dante 8/2/2020
  • Polman Stadion
    Polman Stadion
  • Maxi, Torino FC
    Maxi, Torino FC
  • Sp.Braga Office
    Sp.Braga Office
  • Elland Road
    Elland Road
  • Segarra, Nuno, David & Fabrizio, Lisbon
    Segarra, Nuno, David & Fabrizio, Lisbon
  • At.Madrid v Juventus 18/9/2019
    At.Madrid v Juventus 18/9/2019
  • AD Alcorcon 26/6/2019
    AD Alcorcon 26/6/2019
  • AIK Traning
    AIK Traning
  • R.M.Castilla v Inter Madrid 7/12/2019
    R.M.Castilla v Inter Madrid 7/12/2019
  • Nader
  • At.Madrid v Inter
    At.Madrid v Inter
  • At.Madrid v Barcelona 1/12/2019
    At.Madrid v Barcelona 1/12/2019
  • Crewe Alexandra 17/7/2019
    Crewe Alexandra 17/7/2019
  • Elland Road Stadium
    Elland Road Stadium
  • Friends Arena Stockholm
    Friends Arena Stockholm