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We proudly claim that no other management company contains as much football knowledge as BluSide. Our team is highly experienced in football so we can ensure All of our players will be accompanied by experts throughout the relationship. When working with our clients we will always be helping them reach their career goals and to fulfil their ambitions. We strongly believe, that quality on the pitch, is the basis

of the career of every player.

Transparency: We believe that it is imperative to show full transparency in every aspect of the players’ representation, in order to achieve

the best possible result together. Open communication during contract negotiations is fundamental. The involvement of the player

(and his family) also contributes to the professional awareness of a player. During negotiations we guarantee that there will be complete transparency.

Engagement: Our team is built on people with commitment for both the game and the players we represent. Our team has one goal: to

serve all of our players in all aspects of their life whenever needed. There will be availability from our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quality: Within all aspects of representing a player, from sport to business, we provide a professional approach to ensure that there will

be the best possible quality of work achieved from the player, with BSM's guidance.

David Frias

Company Director

Maximiliano "Maxi" Falieres

Fitness Department